Madness is a form of truth; perhaps, even The Truth.

Walter Lazo
Magic As A Projection Of The Self

Emerging from the primordial swamp of unconsciousness, the human mind finds itself surrounded by forces it cannot understand. Having no other recourse but to see itself as a point of reference, it projects itself into every aspect of nature.

Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire all became persons, and their actions intentional. From this point humans attempted to understand nature, and all of existence, based on the framework of their own minds. Seeing every aspect of nature as a person, the human mind tried to communicate with these aspects, these forces, through ritual, prayer, and, at times, even sacrifices. Out of this attempt to communicate with the forces of nature what we now understand as magic was born, since magic is an attempt to communicate with these mysterious forces of nature, which were understood as being human-like, and to gain some control over them either through ritual, supplication, or offerings. Through magic, meaning incantations, spells, prayers, charms, invocations, people were able to address the powers of nature-and even those they imagined to be beyond nature-and influence the natural process.

“Silver weapons were made, and great armies were gathered. The hunt for the werewolf had begun…”

 Werewolf Winter · A short story by Walter Lazo  

Our free short stories are intended as a doorway to our more mature premium works. Their purpose is to showcase the author’s writing style and use of evocative imagery.

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