Hatred is the one true power, the one that travels from generation to generation, beyond the boundaries of time and blood...

Walter Lazo

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Camdles in Uluria
Candles in Uluria




The True Story of Jonathan Vera
The True Story of Jonathan Vera


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The Old Mansion 

A short story of two young girls and a boy that set out on an adventure to discover elves.

Let The World Die 

After years of saving the world, an exhausted hero decides that she has finally had enough—let humanity save itself, let the world die.


Frank is on his last delivery of the day when his world is turned upside down. Have his senses finally betrayed him?

"Silver weapons were made, and great armies were gathered. The hunt for the werewolf had begun..."

- Werewolf Winter · A short story by Walter Lazo  

Our free short stories are intended as a doorway to our more mature premium works. Their purpose is to showcase the author's writing style and use of evocative imagery.

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