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The True Story of Jonathan Vera
The True Story of Jonathan Vera



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of the Defiled

Deep within her possessed realm, Jazael creates enormous torture chambers, where all who fall into her power will suffer eternally.


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Werewolf Winter • A Short Story

Galein, the Terrible Man, fearing the darkness he sees in his own soul, has retreated into the monastery of Sheogarath, hoping to find solace and peace. But a new evil has come to the land of Uruad, a creature of such malevolent hatred that threatens to consume the earth. It is a werewolf. Galein will have to confront more than the darkness he sees in himself, or watch the world die.

The True Story of Jonathan Vera

Ex-soldier Jonathan Vera is having a tough year. Instead of despairing he chooses to barter his military experience for quick money. When his new potential employers tell him that the job involves hunting vampires, he suspects that perhaps they are not quite sane. Now Jonathan must decide whether his new employers are crazy or, much worse, telling the truth.

Sebastian: The Goblin Hunter

When Sebastian lost his wife to a malevolent creature of legend, his life, in a very real sense, ended, and his obsession began. Now he is a man driven by only one purpose—revenge. But will this purpose lead him to the satisfaction he craves, or hurl him into a never ending nightmarish war?

Published Ezine Articles

The Werewolf Myth… 

What modern audiences, living sheltered lives, preoccupied with escapist entertainment, and only capable of relieving boredom through sexuality and the grotesque, fail to understand about the origins of both the werewolf and vampire myths is that these were never projections of desire but of fear.

by Walter Lazo

The Concept of the Witch

The concept of the Witch in Western culture has gone through a rather interesting evolution, morphing from ‘wise one’ to ‘bride of Satan,’ and then to a watered down neo-pagan cult…

by Walter Lazo

There Were Monsters Once

Monsters are easy to understand as projections of the human mind, and thus as representations of some fear; however, the modern understanding of everything psychologically is a recent phenomenon. For most of human history monsters were taken at face value.

by Walter Lazo


Are Video Games Art?

A couple of days ago, I watched a YouTube video were a group of people were discussing whether video games should be considered art…


Slaughter Wolf

This is an engaging short concerning how to kill a werewolf, which subverts and complements the usual old ideas. Some amount of thought clearly went in to it, and the writing is very good. SLAUGHTER WOLF seems like it may be an excerpt from a longer work, but stands alone quite well.


All in all, an enjoyable short read, and a very well presented e-book.

Michael Carter


We Were Good, Once

I really liked this short story of an alien world and the strange frightening phenomenon that infects it and the worlds inhabitants. 


First we are introduced to the cat-like creatures inhabiting the world and their odd customs, fashions and traditions, as one of their kind explains to us the life that he leads. Then something strange happens to the planet and the whole world starts to become topsy-turvy (can’t say to much here without spoiling the plot) as our narrator finds his whole life torn apart.


This is one of those stories that has a fabulous ending that will leave you thinking. For although the author sets the horror on an alien world, it could certainly be set on a certain little blue world that we all know and love. A great little science-fiction/weird fiction story, and highly recommended.

Jonathan Antony Strickland


Witch of the Defiled

A good but strange story, with an unusual cast of characters, and very detailed – sometimes a little too detailed – descriptions.

Victoria Zigler


It’s Just a Job

Like most of his stories, Walter has set the scene for a full blown book.


A good and gripping story along the Research Facility goes suddenly quiet, what has happened there, let’s send specialists in to check it out, theme, but starring a lone photographer!

Chris The Story Reading Ape


In The Realm of the Wolf

Read the first short chapter and wasn’t sure, but carried on to find an interesting little book. This is quite thought provoking and has some interesting characters that include Dread Marduel, Izani, Bart and Selena. Well worth a read, particularly as it’s free!

Diane Major

“Silver weapons were made, and great armies were gathered. The hunt for the werewolf had begun…”

 Werewolf Winter · A short story by Walter Lazo  

Our free short stories are intended as a doorway to our more mature premium works. Their purpose is to showcase the author’s writing style and use of evocative imagery.

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