Madness is a form of truth; perhaps, even The Truth.

Walter Lazo
The True Story of Jonathan Vera

(Vampiros Nocturnos Malefactus)

The True Story of Jonathan Vera

The True Story of Jonathan Vera
The True Story of Jonathan Vera

(Vampiros Nocturnos Malefactus)


Ex-soldier Jonathan Vera is having a tough year—his girlfriend dumped him in a particularly cruel way and, due to his own stupidity, he finds himself saddled with debt. Instead of despairing he chooses to barter his military experience for quick money and accepts what is advertised as a very dangerous job. When his new potential employers tell him that the job involves hunting vampires, he, of course, suspects that perhaps they are not quite sane. However, their check cleared, solving all of Jonathan’s financial woes in one swoop. Now Jonathan must decide whether his new employers are crazy or, much worse, telling the truth.

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"Silver weapons were made, and great armies were gathered. The hunt for the werewolf had begun..."

- Werewolf Winter · A short story by Walter Lazo  

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