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The Concept of the Witch

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The concept of the Witch in Western culture has gone through a rather interesting evolution, morphing from ‘wise one’ to ‘bride of Satan,’ and then to a watered down neo-pagan cult figure.

Supernatural Writing

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When writing supernatural fiction, I have always found it far more fascinating to focus on what people at one time actually believed, even when dealing with icons such as werewolves and vampires.

Supernatural Worlds

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When I write supernatural stories, I do so based on a backdrop of a supernatural world, which I call the Demon World.

Some Thoughts on Morality

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Morality is rules of behavior within a social organization that in a metaphysical sense does not necessarily have to correspond to good and evil.

Goblins Were Once Real

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Francisco de Goya - Caprichos

Goblins were at one time real, and people saw all around them evidence of their existence. This was so because of the way the human mind works. Given that we interpret reality through mental paradigms, and that before the advent of science the dominant paradigm was animism

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"Silver weapons were made, and great armies were gathered. The hunt for the werewolf had begun..."

- Werewolf Winter · A short story by Walter Lazo  

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