Before I break, the lady with the blind eyes—Our Lady of Dark Mercy—blesses me with the kiss of oblivion.

Walter Lazo
Witch of the Defiled

Chronicles of the Demon World, Book 1

Witch of the Defiled

Witch of the Defiled
Witch of the Defiled

Chronicles of the Demon World, Book 1


Buro Durkierna set in motion the destruction of the world, opening a gateway between the Mortal World and the Demon World. Consumed by rage over injustices suffered, he was deceived by the Witch of the Defiled and her minions, who promised him revenge, into placing a mystical stone from the Before Times into a golden gargoyle’s claw, which instead of granting him the vengeance he so desired opened a portal into the Demon World, which allowed the Witch to bring her terrible Possessed Realm into reality. Now the Possessed Realm grows and grows, consuming the land like a wasting disease. Buro Durkierna knows that if there is to be any hope for his dying world, he must brave the Possessed Realm and face the terrible Witch of the Defiled.

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