Jul 20

Words are doorways to other worlds. Every single word carries not only a plethora of meanings but, also, the history of its speakers. Each word pushes the boundaries of experience to their very limits, sometimes even beyond them. But this is my faith, I suppose. The ineffable, to me, is simply a lack of faith in words.

In my mind, words are images, sounds, touches, smells, tastes, and the unique combinations of all these. I experience words. Take the word fear, for example. Many people have claimed that the word fear doesn’t do justice to the actual experience. I think the opposite is true. Fear is walking blindfolded in a minefield, raising your trembling lead foot, feeling your muscles spasm, your knees wanting to buckle, sweat pouring down your brow, not knowing if the ground will click when you put your foot down. This is fear. When your heart pounds like a medieval battering ram, this is fear.

Words are the names that we have given to our experiences, not the other way around.

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