Werewolf Winter

Writing a novel, whether it’s a short werewolf story or some insane horror novel, is time consuming work, so it has been a while since our last big release. Now, however, having finished the novel–part one of a series–we are pleased–delighted, really–to present Witch of the Defiled. With Witch of the Defiled we sincerely hope you will discover what makes our stories stand out. In this novel you will find horror, high fantasy, humanism, and even a touch of philosophy. Witch of the Defiled is the first in a series titled Chronicles of the Demon World.


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If you are short on time and prefer a quick read, try one of our short stories. These stories–mostly horror–are richly imaginative and refreshingly different from anything out there.

Werewolf WinterThe True Story of Jonathan VeraSebastian The Goblin Hunter

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Galein, the Terrible Man, fearing the darkness he sees in his own soul, has retreated into the monastery of Sheogarath, hoping to find solace and peace. But a new evil has come to the land of Uruad, a creature of such malevolent hatred that threatens to consume the earth. It is a werewolf. Galein will have to confront more than the darkness he sees in himself, or watch the world die. Ex-soldier Jonathan Vera is having a tough year. Instead of despairing he chooses to barter his military experience for quick money. When his new potential employers tell him that the job involves hunting vampires, he suspects that perhaps they are not quite sane. Now Jonathan must decide whether his new employers are crazy or, much worse, telling the truth. When Sebastian lost his wife to a malevolent creature of legend, his life, in a very real sense, ended, and his obsession began. Now he is a man driven by only one purpose—revenge. But will this purpose lead him to the satisfaction he craves, or hurl him into a never ending nightmarish war?
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Our flagship Short Story, Werewolf Winter, is also available as an Audiobook from Audible.com.

Werewolf Winter is a short horror story with hints of the heroic tale. Here the werewolf is portrayed as an agent of absolute evil. You will not find the werewolf legend treated here as a metaphor for teen angst nor as symbolic of the beast in man. In Werewolf Winter the werewolf is not an allegory but a reality.

Written by: Walter Lazo
Narrated by: Gene Joseph Blake
Length: 2 hrs and 20 mins
Format: Unabridged


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We welcome you to listen to the 5 minute preview of the Werewolf Winter adiobook. Werewolf Winter will attempt to do justice to the ancient sources, treating them as reality, harking back to an age where people actually believed in their existence, and thus bypass the current trend of treating ancient myths as allegories.

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